The secret beaches of Mykonos


Mykonos island – the Queen of the Cyclades – is, without the merest doubt, the most cosmopolitan island in the Aegean Sea cherishing uncountable beauties. Those beauties of course pertain to the beaches of the island which are considered among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and beyond. The majority of the beaches in Mykonos get overcrowded especially at the peak of the summer season. Nonetheless, there are a few of them that are less known, thus, you could end up having an absolutely private swim and suntan session! Those little Mykonian secrets are worthy to discover and this is why we decided to share them with you!

Beach of Tigani: You will have to look for it carefully but it is worthy of your effort! Take the road to Kalafati up to Agia Anna always having the sea on your right. When you see Drakonissi you will find the beach directly opposite. Have plenty of water supplies with you because the beach offers no facilities what so ever.

Fokos beach: A remote, tranquil beach ideal for relaxation and nudism if you are into that. It is located three kilometers north of Ano Mera and there is a tavern with fresh fish.

Kapari beach: Small and sandy stretch located at the western side of Mykonos after the beaches of Ornos and Agios Ioannis. You can drive up to a certain point and then walk downhill at the path until you reach the shore. Access is somewhat difficult but utterly rewarding. Sunset time over there will be unforgettable to you…